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At laser light speed you could travel around the earth over 7 times in 1 second

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Most States have not taken Judicial Notice to the use of different Laser Gun models to determine the speed of a moving object. There are too many problems that arise from the use of these Class 1 Laser Devices. Here we will lay it out for you and explain to you why it is actually illegal for Law Enforcement Officers to use Laser Guns. There is a lot of information so put on your glasses grab, a drink and start reading. 

First off for a State to obtain Judicial Notice that State must test the device in question. ( not just laser guns )   All the properties of the said device must be fully known and exact. Here we will stick to terminology related to Police Laser Guns going forward. 

Police and Law enforcement laser guns operate at about the frequency or wavelength of  904nm +/- 5%. That span of 5% makes it impossible to test such a device properly for legal purposes. ​Lets add the fact that the laser light emitted from the class 1 laser gun is invisible. There isn't a law enforcement officer in the world who actually knows what the laser gun is doing because of this fact. Further a class 1 laser gun can be used to show movement of a building that everyone knows is sitting still. This happens when an officer is panning an object. That means the officer is moving the laser gun to keep it pointed at the moving object. By panning a moving object like your vehicle it throws off the readings of the laser gun. Hands down that's how it works.  At 65 miles per hour a vehicle travels about 95 feet per second. So in the half a second it takes for the laser gun to work you travel about 47 feet  ( going very fast ) so the officer has to move the gun to keep it focused on your vehicle. In short panning a vehicle throws off the readings. By now you should understand that Judicial Notice has not been taken by most States and that is what is needed to legally use this type of device. So now we will go on with more information but apply what is here to no judicial notice being taken by Judges for most States. ( A Judge Has To Take Judicial Notice ) .

          How Laser Tools Work

For proper use of a laser gun many different conditions must be met to get a true reading. The laser gun must be pointed straight and level at the moving object that is moving in a straight level line toward the laser device. Going around a curve or traveling up or down a hill or even changing lanes in traffic are problems that throw off the readings. In the laser world  The angle of occurance equals the angle of reflection. So if an officer shoots a laser gun at your vehicle from the side of the road the reflection of the light will double that angle away from the attacking laser device. To get around this most States reflectorize license tags so the light will reflect back to the laser device. The problem with that is very little light reflects back to the laser device. And the officer is still shooting the device at you from an angle. More light is emitted from your headlights within the needed frequency than  the device is putting out. The light from your headlights contains other properties as well that are mixed in the light so the laser gun wont accept the reading from that light. So no having your headlights on all the time won't work to jam a laser gun but it is a good point. The next needed condition is that the Law Enforcement Officer needs to hit the moving object ( your vehicle ) at exactly the same point at least two (2) times. If the laser light hits your license tag once then hits the roof of your car 2 feet further away the readings will not be true. Even the best, greatest marksman in the world couldn't hit an object moving 65 miles per hour in the same place twice especially from about 1/4 miles away which is where most laser attacks take place. That's just not going to happen. And it is almost impossible to do  so that any readings a laser gun gives you are not right and the States know that. Don't forget all this information applies as to why States haven't taken Judicial Notice to the use of laser guns to determine the speed of a vehice. 

Laser guns have cross hairs... Looking through the laser device eye piece  you will see a set of cross hairs that have the potential to tell the operator where they are aiming or pointed at. Cross hairs are common on many pointing devices like guns, laser guns, torpedo's  and more. But again there are problems with this. The Military has determined long ago that there is no such thing as a permanently fixed set of cross hairs. No this is not the Military but it is a legal application that effects your criminal history, driving record and money. Proper use of cross hairs is constant adjustment but laser guns can not be adjusted. Bumps, being knocked around and other harsh conditions will alter the cross hairs. This will cause the Law Enforcement officer not to know what the laser light is hitting. Remember the light is very confined and very small even at 1/4 mile away. Plus it is invisible to the naked eye so the officer just has to hope for the best. That is very common especially in older laser gun units. Certified laser guns are very expensive and many authorities can not afford to buy new units to keep up with new technology. So they use older outdated models that have been abused for a long time. That said no officer knows the full history of a laser gun unit when they are using it. They don't know if another officer bumped or even dropped the unit throwing off the cross hairs. Most laser speed guns currently in use by States, Counties and City's should have been retired long ago but they continue to keep using them anyway.  This is just another reason out of many why it is illegal to use laser guns to determine the speed of an object.

The nature of laser guns... Speed laser guns do not clock moving objects. They determine speed by calculating distance over time. Radars and many other methods used to clock a vehicle directly determine speed and not through calculation. We all know computers crash and have function errors. Laser speed guns are no different. 9 out of 10 times when there is an error the officer just waits for the laser gun to reset and continues to use it unless it is a fatal error. Who is to say the laser gun didn't have an error when used on your vehicle. The officer couldn't possibly know. 

Before each use Law Enforcement is supposed to calibrate a laser gun. They don't actually have the tools to do it so here is how they get around that process. The officer will stand at a line of a known distance from a reflective object. Then activate the laser device and get the reading of distance which usually will match the known distance. This method of calibration has become accepted by many Law Enforcement agencies but as usual there is a problem with this. First it is not against a moving object especially one that is traveling at high speed. Second it does not calibrate or even focus on the accuracy of the cross hairs. Common practice is to use this method but it does not meet the needs of the laser device to obtain a true reading. Officers know this but after they do this faulty calibration process they use the laser device to write tickets that are essentially written in stone as they say. 

Just a quick note... ​To get around the fact that it is illegal to use this type of laser device many States have changed the ticket format to say approximate speed. This is an insult to society because when the violation hits the persons criminal or driving record it does not say approximate. The insurance companies also get the same information not approximate values. When you go to court you have to take an oath of truthfulness. The Judge or officer do not have to take this oath in most states. So courts, Judges and officers do not hold them self to the same exacting standards they hold you to. Yes they take an oath when they are sworn in but they will try to convict you of something with an approximate indication knowing it is illegal all the while. It all about the money but I'm sure you already know that. Imagine if you got a ticket in a school zone doing 23 miles an hour and the ticket said approximate speed. Is it approximately more or less.

The accuracy theory.. The accuracy of a laser device is only theory on paper. There is always a margin of error that cant be avoided. That margin along with approximate readings on many tickets gives a wide grey area. Add up the error percentage and throw in the approximate statement and you have a ticket that is just way of of wack. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. Electricity travels at 670,616,629 miles per hour. In reality the electronics and computer chipset have to work faster than that light speed. Guess what it doesn't work that way. Light is one of the fastest things on earth. You could travel around the Earth over seven times in one second at light speed. OK we admit that laser tools and devices do work but the error percentage is high. Too high for legal applications and the States know that. Hence no Judicial Notice. 

Educating the public about these issues is a part of what we do. Right now we are having fun writing this informational article for you and we hope it helps you beat a speeding ticket in court.

Insurance companies...  Most people don't know that many of the speed laser guns currently in use by Law Enforcement Officers are donated by the major insurance companies. The more tickets they write the more money they make. This donation process is perfectly legal. The issue is wherein the tickets that are written by the use of these donated laser guns are not legal. Judicial notice is not even possible for a device that was not purchased through the proper channels like States, Counties and Cities. Donated laser devices usually are new but have not been tested at the State level to be legal for use against the public. When you are in court be it a City or County the convictions always go to the State. Usually there is a State flag in every court room and probably a State logo. The issues of Judicial Notice fall upon the State for approval. To prove this theory consider that you a person donated a new police car to a city and promised that given city that the speedometer was certified correct. You even put a certification sticker on it. Then without proper testing the said City used the donated car to write moving in traffic or pace car violation tickets. That's how it is with donated speed laser guns. The Officer using the Laser Gun most likely has no idea where that device came from all they know it that it is a tool to use. 

Off subject note... All States in the US require you to have insurance to operate a vehicle... It is illegal for the State to make or require a person by law to purchase something from a private company. If the Federal Govt sold insurance or States sold insurance it would be legal but insurance companies are mostly private worldwide. To beat this fact most States offer a self insured option if you have a boat load of money to put up. 

Lets continue on Laser Speed Ticket Violations...     The lens on a laser speed gun is very large to accept very small amounts of returning laser light. Weather conditions like fog, rain, snow, smog, smoke, dust and other particulates can cause a return to the laser device and produce an incorrect reading. This is why Officers do not usually use laser devices in bad weather. Officers will use the laser device on a cloudy day and that will also alter the readings to make then incorrect. Old and Modern speed laser guns do not have the ability to input weather conditions or the angle of attack on a vehicle. If they could they would be more accurate but still a faulty device. The added calculation would also cause the guns chipset to take longer to work. Other class 1 laser devices are also common and readily available to the public. These devices will often times disable a speed laser gun or cause a incorrect reading sometimes by many miles per hour. If a person had such a device and was playing with an officer using a different device the officer would not know who, what, when, where or why. They would only know there was a problem. During testing here at  Laserxlight we were able to cause a certified laser speed gun to read 126 miles per hour on an vehicle that was actually going 7 miles per hour turning a corner. That was great proof and evidence but we also got  a good laugh out of it. 

Much more information... There is much more information to explain but much of it is illegal to put here on the internet. We will make updates in the future to this article. We don't want to slander any People, Companies, Law Enforcement Officers or Courts as a whole. The information provided here is not specific to any Country, State, County, City, Law Enforcement Officer or Court as a whole. 

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